A glimps into the world of wildlife rehabilitation…the world through a rehabber's eyes.

The Wildlife Center at Cross Timbers Saved my life

Okay, so maybe none of the wildlife who’s lives are affected by this place ever say that, or even ever understands what they went through here in their [hopefully] temporary sanctuary. But if they could, they would tell you that while they were there, they were allowed time to calm their minds, and heal their hurts. It may not have been a quiet road, and I dare say not an easy one, but most creatures that go through the horrible things that cause them to end up in a place like Cross Timbers are never so lucky as the few that get so fortunate as to begin their journeys here.

In this place, there is a special space. One that is dedicated to one of the most misunderstood, most beautiful animals native to the Texas country side. An amazing predator with intellegent eyes, and a soul peircing stare. The American Bobcat. In our modern world, this animal is carving out a new nitch of exhistance amongst us. A new nitch that we do not fully understand yet. Unfortunately, at times, this ends in tragedy for this beautiful cat. The misguided misinformed “wise wise” human instinctually fears anything with fangs. Ironic, observing the homo sapien sapien‘s unbridled distruction of anything green and growing. out dated instinct is allowed to over-ride common sense, and distruction over-rides all. Perhaps it is they who would be wise to play the roll of agressor, and eradicator. Then again, perhaps they are far wiser than we give them credit for.

What I learned in this place is just the re-enforcement that in our society, anything concieved as predatory in nature is to be hated, feared, and killed. We know virtually nothing about these cats, and yet we insist that they must be shot and irradicated. Shoot first, ask questions later. No wonder thousands of species die at our hands, never having seen their own discovery by the wise wise humans that rule this world.

For those of use who have come to our senses, perhaps you would like to take this opportunity to learn some hard facts about natural predators, and see how much we still don’t know about these animals. There is nothing more right than watching an animal walk from the confines of a pen under the care of it’s temporary guardian into the wild world where it belongs. 

I wish I had the means to donate monitarily to such a worthy cause. I wish I had the means to offer more help than just my time. One cannot understand the breath taking gravity of the experience at Cross Timbers until it is embraced first hand. WCCR saved my life. In no other place have I been able to refresh my connection to the natural world as I have here in this place.


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