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are facinatingly disgusting.

I raise these crawly little things to supplement my chicken’s feed.They absolutely love them!  They are high in protien, apparently yummy, and they wiggle! Most people who raise these tend to keep them in nutritionally barren substrate like wheat middlings, bran, or corn meal. Mealworms actually eat whatever substrate they are kept in.

I choose to use chick starter. it is high in protien and minerals, and far more nutritionally relevant. I figure that if I am raising natural food for my hens, I might as well feed the “food” well, right? I mean, you are what you eat or so I am told, and what could be better than packing their favorite treats full of nutrients specifically formulated for my chickens in the first place? Chick starter would also be an ideal substrate for those raising them for reptilian consumption. Grain products like the afore mentioned tend to be high in phosphorus, which is also already high in the mealworm it’s self, and tends to affect the reptile’s ability to absorb calcium at high levels. Supposedly, raising mealworms in a more “complete” substrate will in theory lower the levels of phosphorus in the worms themselves because there is a far lower concentration to consume.

The only thing that I can’t really figure out is how to sift the worms out. The chick starter pieces are just about the same width as the worms, therefore, if the screen is large enough for the starter to fit through, the worms fit through too… :/ and picking through the bin sucks.


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