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Cross Timbers on Auto Pilot

For the past several days, our fearless leader has been out of state. That has left the dedicated volunteers and supporters of WCCR to hold the fort while she is gone. With 20 bobcats, two raccoons, three wood turtles, a terarium full of water dragons, a ring tailed cat, a cuban night anole, two sulcatas, and a russian gopher tortoise, not forgetting the domestic animals (ten or so barn cats that have ended up here as dumps, new baby chicks, three dogs, and scores of chickens and peacocks, it makes for a lot of things that need to be done every day while she is gone. I mean, all of these animals have to eat!  I have been staying at the ranch for the durration of her absence (thank goodness she didn’t have to leave us durring the high season!).

I have been taking advantage of the amount of time I have been able to spend out here, and spending as much time as I can with the bobcats, observing their behavior and interactions. Lenny (one of our long terms-long terms end up with us through confiscations or special circumstances that require an extended stay) has been in a fabulous mood lately. He just got a new room mate (Hoover), and really seems to adore him. They spend most of their time playing like kittens. It is awesome to see two 30 pound cats rolling around on the ground and boxing eachother’s ears…

along with some enrichment activities on my part, it has made for some amazing photo opps. Anise extract and peacock feathers were decidedly favorite enrichment items.

That peacock feather was decimated when I removed it from the enclosure. Notice the cut on Hoover’s armpit? I would have had no idea that was there if I hadn’t been doing enrichment work with them (and trying to get some great photos!). It was a more interactive enrichment than the anise extract, which I placed in interesting areas in their enclosure with a cotton swab. The pictures from that are pretty neat too…this is one of my favorite photos.

The anise extract had both cats rubbing their heads on everything I put that scent on. It was a really neat thing to watch. This photo is now one of the background photos on my phone 🙂 I know…Im a dork. But who gets the opportunity to work in any sort of proximity to such a cool and amazing animal?

I mean, who couldn’t love this face…er, tummy?


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