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Cleaning enclosures

The other day, I spent hours stripping out one of our raccoon enclosures…that houses two adult raccoons. The enclosure is small, and since the residents are nocturnal, cleaning was fairly easy….except that these guys are HUGE. I had to move their den in order to clean under and behind it. They helped me out by coming out for a little while, but once they went back in, I couldn’t move the den back where it came from.

I was able to strip it to the wire floor, and add fresh shavings. I tried to move the den back where it goes, but I was met with growling, upset raccoons. Raccoons are scarier than bobcats…they are extremely smart, and far more dexterous than the bobcats…I mean, they have opposable thumbs!…and they climb like spiderman! They are like three year olds. When they don’t get their way, they throw a fit, and won’t think twice about hurting you.

So, I left the den where it was, and I just realized that I left the ramp to their platform outside their enclosure!

I had every intention of going back out ther Monday after having come to my side of town to get some stuff taken care of, but everything took longer than I intended, and by Tuesday, there was so much ice and snow that I didn’t even feel safe driving to Dallas, much less Terrell…hopefully someone finished what I started.

I should be out there in the next couple of days…It seems like there is so much to do durring the slow season…I just can’t imagine what it’s going to be like durring the busy season.


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