A glimps into the world of wildlife rehabilitation…the world through a rehabber's eyes.

The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch

Feeling generous? http://www.laynelabs.com/wildlife-rehabilitation WCCR has hungry bobcats that would be happy for a donation of tasty quail or rabbits.

I came across this website while researching different options to augment the diet we prepare for our bobcats. I have been talking to a representative with the company, and they seem really cool. They have a program already set in place to provide donations to wildlife rehabilitation centers across the country, and even further. They allow people to buy gift cards for their products, and give them to the wildlife rehabilitation center of their choice.

I have submitted WCCR to their map program, and I guess we will show up as one of those little red dots shortly…

On top of their super awesome map donation system, and their awesome support of wildlife rehabilitation programs, they seem very open about their company, and the treatment of their animals. They even offer brown mice specifically for rehabilitators! I mean, honestly, how often do you think a wild raptor comes across a white mouse? If we feed them white mice while they are with us, how are they going to find brown ones when we aren’t there to bring them food?

It’s good to see that there are people who care, especially in the rehabilitation field. WCCR is having a difficult time with funding at the moment…and I am sure there are plenty of others out there that are having just as hard of a time.



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