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A Sucessful Release story!

a video clip of today’s release


Today was  back to the wild day for four of our release program bobcats. The cats that were released have varying stories. Two in particular make my heart heavy when I think of them.

Some weeks ago, we recieved two bobcats from a cockfight raid. They had been held captive, and tortured by their captors…as entertainment for the people who brought their roosters there to fight. We believe they are brother and sister. The brother is obviously psychologically scared from his ordeal. A wild bobcat thrown into a captive environment is understandably going to experience some level of stress, but for the most part, stress levels can be controlled. In extreme stress situations, a bobcat may even begin to drool, and maybe even foam at the mouth, but this is usually with cats that are extremely over stimulated.

This poor bobcat would start trembling the instant he laid eyes on us. He would start drooling, and foaming at the mouth just from the sheer terror of nothing more than the presence of a person.

Both were extremely reactive to the presence of a human near their enclosure. This only lengthened their captivity. It was imperative that they calmed back down enough to handle being transported even the very short distance to our release site.

It took them weeks to even calm down enough for us to feed them without extreme stress to both of them.

These two bobcats had the hardest time with the release today. These were the last two cats to leave. The male was the last one to exit his crate. He took some encoragement to come out, but once his feet hit that grass, he was gone. None of them stopped, none of them looked back. They just ran for freedom as fast as their legs would take them.

It was bitter sweet, and beautiful to watch. It’s hard to know that they have no idea that you aren’t the same person that held them captive and tormented them for so long…and as far as they are concerned, you are every bit as evil and every bit as responsible for their state of mind as their tormentors.

They don’t see us as saviors, they just see us as yet another captor. At least one can take some solace in the idea that they will never again be forced to interact with a human in any way.

If you are interested in helping our current cats, or maybe being involved as a new release site, drop me an e-mail. Currently, we are in despirate need of funding. If you think you can help, please contact us!



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