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I wish everyday could be like this day

The weather was so awesome today that even when I showed up at work, and realized that I had a holiday today, I didn’t care. I drove the whole way in my convertible (perfect weather for it!!!), and when I realized I didn’t have to stay at work (my real job), I drove out to Terrell, and spent several hours at the ranch.

I have been fortunate enough to have spent the last three days out there. I spent plenty of time with the longterm bobcats. We end up with these cats through various means including confiscations, and people who want to try their hand at rehabilitation with no experience or understanding of the complexity of rehabiliating a bobcat. Often, these cats are completely ruined for release. They never wild up, and therefore end up in a less than ideal situation for them.

These cats are my teachers. Everything I know about bobcats and their behavior is through observation and enteraction with our cats, especially the longterms. As a graduate of the WREN program, and through many hours spent with my mentor, I have been trained and provided with the knowledge to be around these cats.

There is nothing better in the world than learning about something you love. Hours can pass without my notice when I am working down there. My facination with their behaviors and reactions to certain stimulus makes my time with them fly. The secrets these cats share with me are ones that I will cherish always.

These three days rank up there with the best days ever.


I wish I had the means to save this place by myself. Alas, I do not. If you would like to assist WCCR in keeping it’s doors open, please click on the link above.


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