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Spring is comming…that means baby season!

So, for the past several days, the weather has been really really pleasant. I have been enjoying my daily drive to work, and starting to bring my short sleeved shirts out of the closet.

I just realized that this means the beginning of baby season at WCCR! That means all the baby opossums, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, beavers, minks, bobcats, and skunks are going to start showing up. This is my first baby season with WCCR, and this is also the first year that we will not have any other species (excluding bobcats) on the property…

I can only handle a few animals at a time. I can only afford to rehabilitate a few at a time…I am kindof nervous. I have recieved my certification, but I have also not really worked with any species extensively…except for the bobcats.

I have rehabbed several squirrels, and they seem pretty easy. I am ready to try other animals…maybe I will try some opossums….maybe I won’t get the choice! I am really nervous, mainly because last year, WCCR took in more than three thousand animals. This year, all of the sub-permitees (myself included) are expected to take up the slack. Bobcats are the only species that will be admitted to the property this year, and that leaves a LOT of animals from other species that are going to need help.

Looking at the growth in number of animals that the center has helped in just two years, we can expect well over three thousand this comming year. Hopefully, we can accomodate them all!



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