A glimps into the world of wildlife rehabilitation…the world through a rehabber's eyes.

We moved the babies today

We have five babies, well I call them that, but they really are quite big now…they were so little when they came in that I still see them as that…tiny little babies; anyway, they have been with us for quite a while now. Today, we moved them to another location.

They all went together, and they are not old enough to be released yet, they just aren’t on the Crosstimbers property at the moment. We caught them, wormed them, and crated them up. The adrenaline rush from catching, HOLDING and vaccinating these wild cats is really quite something. The power in their little bodies is unbelievable! 

It was a half hour drive to the new location, and three humans crammed in the front seat of a truck. The bobcats cannot go in the bed of the truck without some serious prep work. We are talking like wrapping each crate in six blankets to make sure they don’t stress from all the wind noise. Strapping down the crates, checking on the cats, etc. It is safer, and less stressful for them to be inside the vehicle. What does that mean? Five angry bobcats in the back seat.

We actually had a really good time. We all get along really well, and we all had a lot to talk about…mainly our immenent goal…getting funding for WCCR.

We have such a good set up, and so much potential. A cutting edge wildlife rehabilitation and education school, a fabulous sanctuary, and a rockin rehabilitation center. We pump out more wildlife than any other location in the region. More than 7000 animals came through our doors last year. More than 90% of them became wild again. Those are some killer stats.

We settled the kittens (When I say kittens, I am talking kittens that are now three times bigger than my four pound chihuahua) into their new “home”, and headed back to the ranch.

Once there, we had just enough time for a little enrichment for the cats (one of our team members brought some giant tennis balls for the long terms. They LOVED them! :3 ). Lenny and Hoover immediately deflated theirs, and Gigi and Bridget demolished theirs as well…Supprisingly enough, Quincy’s was still intact when we left.

Then, dinner time. Today’s entries feature chicken leg quarters, ground beef, and of course, the ever important diet supplements that all of our bobcats need. Gigi and Bridget were STARVING! The bobcats get fed every day, but they go through phases where they are just ravious, and consume ALL of the diet we bring them. Other days, they don’t touch any of it. A full carnivore is a happy carnivore though. So, even if they aren’ t particularly thrilled by food for a couple of days, they still get the same amount every day. Quincy couldn’t have cared less about food today. He just wanted us to kick the ball around for him to chase…very cute. The ball is almost as big as he is right now.

It’s so odd preparing diet for so few cats…we are down to 11 at the moment. Of course, new ones keep coming in though. One new one only stayed for a day before being relocated, another new one just came in, and we are in the process of assessing him. The parade never stops. There are just too many bobcats that need help, and not enough rehabilitators with the expierience, know how, desire, or capacity to handle them. That’s just fine with us. As long as we can stay here, they will always have a safe place to go.


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