A glimps into the world of wildlife rehabilitation…the world through a rehabber's eyes.

Vanishing Center

I talked to our director a couple of days ago about where our center is heading. I truely am worried that we won’t be able to do enough to save this place. The health issues that our benifactors are experiencing have prooven that they can no longer continue in their current capacity at WCCR. I have sent out a couple of sponsorship requests, and started a few others. There is just too much information I need to put in these requests that is not readily available to me. I need someone to get the information, and put it in a packet for me because I do not have access to it myself. Problem is, none of this has been done.

It frustrates me to no end that we have so much going for us, and yet, we are struggling so hard. I am dying to hear good things back from the sponsorship requests that I have sent, but I know, and I keep telling myself that, there is a very real possiblity that the one or two requests I sent out will not render the results I am looking for. I am frustrated that until we pull together all of the things we need, I really don’t have any other places I can request funding from.

It is unfortunate that this was sprung on us so suddenly. Honestly, I would feel so much better about this if we had more time.

We are down to just 11 bobcats on the property, still a HUGE number for any other rehabilitation facility…for us, that is a tiny number. For WCCR, 7,000 animals is an average year. What is going to happen to all of the wildlife that would have come here if we close our doors? I am especially worried about the bobcats. There are NO other facilites that can handle the numbers of bobcats that we do. There are barely any facilities that can handle one or two bobcats a year, and even fewer that have the experience to rehab them.

I look at established centers like the Heard Museum, and look at their sponsorship page…it is HUGE! I am struggling just to find sponsorship programs…and submitting them is an entirely different animal. I am not a grant writer. I am just a supporter of WCCR, and who like the other members of our keystone group despirately wants to see this center get off the ground.

In two years, our accomplishments have been phenominal. The numbers of animals that have come through our doors more than highlights the necessity of this rehabilitation center in this area; It demands WCCR exhist.

For the past two years, we have been right on schedual with our growth and development plan that had already been layed out. We are entering year three of our development plan. The beginning of construction of our planned state of the art facility and clinic, and housing for interns and students of the WREN project.

Everything we need is already in place. The diet we feed takes care if it’s self, for the most part the materials we need take care of themselves, and honestly, it is a fairly self sustaining facility. Our key issue is not stuff so much, we just really need funding to cover our opperating costs at the moment. Our plan is to eventually bring in enough sponsors and grants to expand further, but our immenent need is opperating costs.

I hope it’s just for today that I feel so uncertain. I hope that I hear good things back from my efforts…


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