A glimps into the world of wildlife rehabilitation…the world through a rehabber's eyes.

First Babies of the Year!

Raccoon twins! These guys were found inside a wall at an appartment complex, the mother no where to be found according to management. Their eyes have JUST opened.

There is a boy and a girl. As soon as they arrived at the shelter, sub-q fluids were administered. These two have been picked up by a WCCR certified rehabilitator, and are in good hands. Raccoons are difficult to rehabilitate as singles, so these guys are very fortunate that they are together. Generally, if we get a single orphan in, we transfer it to someone who has one or more near the same age.

Raccoons are very social, and NEED siblings to thrive. I may not be able to get any more pictures of these guys to update you on their progress, but what an adorable way to kick off baby season!…I told you it was coming!

Baby raccoons can be expensive to rehabilitate. They stay on formula for a long time, and need lots of things to keep their minds entertained, and a raccoon rehabilitator must be very careful not to imprint these incredibly adorable animals.


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