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Spring time at the Ranch

Spring is one of the prettiest times of year at WCCR. All of the bulbs are starting to bloom and the trees are flowering. It is really lovely.

This is one of the pear trees growing in front of the ranch house in full bloom. In the background, Crostimbers Moon, and Captain being nosie 🙂 . It was pretty breezy all day when I was taking these. You can see the falling petals covering the ground by their feet. There are a lot of plants all over the property that are starting to grow. It is beautiful!

The grounds are romantic and pretty, and will only get more beautiful as we get further into spring and summer. More of the hyacinths, daffodils, and crocuses will begin to grow and bloom, and the seeds that were planted this weekend will begin to grow, and as they flower, continue to provide color through the warmer months.

 The pear tree is covered in blooms right now, but soon, they will start falling like rain. The bobcats are enjoying the weather too. They spend their days laying in the sunny patches of light filtering through the tree branches into their enclosures. The weather isn’t overly cold, nor is is blazing hot just yet. We spent the day preparing for the hot weather we know is coming. Lenny and Hoover got a new shade cloth on the top end of their enclosure, we tacked down Quincy’s shade cloth that had come up on one corner, and added shade cloth to the side of one other enclosure to ensure the girls in there would not be baking in the hot Texas sun this summer.


2 responses

  1. Beautiful photos…sounds like an idyllic place. Found you as a recommended post via Zemanta. 🙂

    March 24, 2011 at 5:39 am

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