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Quincy’s new toy

We had a new volunteer come to WCCR this weekend. He worked really hard. We have a lot of stuff that needs tidying, and he definately did alot! The best part is, Quincy got a new toy out of it!

He spent like two hours in this thing after we moved it in there! There are several different shaped and sized holes in it so he can crawl all through it. I am thoroughly impressed with the job he did! The project started as a platform for Quincy to jump out of his barrel on to. The barrel swings, so when he tries to jump out, it is a straight shot to the ground. The idea was to give him a raised platform to save him some stress on his shoulders and back.

Honestly, when he said he could build him something, I was expecting something that just looks like a sturdy table. What he came up with was awesome! And the best part is how much Quincy loves it! We were trying to coax him out of his fort for a good 30 minutes with that peacock feather!

It is about three feet tall, and super solid. all four sides are enclosed, so Quincy has a great place to hide out.

The next step is to paint it so it looks pretty! I don’t think Quincy cares what color it is!  Enrichment comes in many forms…


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