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Raccoon Reign

For the third time this week, WCCR’s sub-permitees have received fresh shipments of orphan raccoons. The first pair was a male and female, their eyes just opened. The second set is five two-week old raccoons. One girl, and four boys. The large litter was separated into two groups. Bella and Carlos were kept together, and the other three stayed together, and went to another sub.

Baby raccoons all look incredibly similar, so separating them not only makes it easier to tell which of the crew has already been fed, but it helps with monitoring their health. At this age, the risk of aspiration (when they suckle so vigorously that they inadvertently inhale some formula) is very high, and immediate action must be taken, or one risks loosing the baby very quickly. So, separating the large litter into two smaller groups (while still ensuring the babies have a buddy) works out beautifully.

The day after these five came in, four toddlers also came in. That is eleven babies that I have picked up in the course of one week! The odd thing is, this is really the only species we are seeing at the moment. That is bound to change quickly, but I am still waiting for the bobkittens to show up! We haven’t had any since the end of last year!

But this is just the beginning…there will be a LOT more babies coming in very soon!


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