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Crosstimbers in the media!

Okay, so we haven’t had any articles done on Crosstimbers recently, but I wanted to share some of the great stuff that we do. So, I present one of the many articles written by or about Crosstimbers to share more about what this incredible and unique organization does for the wild ones.


This link is a bio on a bobcat named CaRo that came into WCCR very very sick, and on the verge of death. Quick thinking, and networking with a phenominal group in Hutchins Texas called Rogers Wildlife (Who’s focus is protected birds), saved this little bobkitten’s life. CaRo became a media darling with many fans following his story. Due to his extreme condition when he came in, and immense amount of handling required to save his life, CaRo became deeply imprinted on hunans, who replaced the mother that he had lost, and non-releaseable. I told you, bobcats are capable of forming deep bonds. CaRo’s story is still one of the biggest sucesses in WCCR’s history. 

This was CaRo when he first came to us from Rogers Wildlife. Notice the glazed look in his eyes, the wide eyed, baffled facial expression, the hunched over posture, and the mucus build up around his mouth. This is the face of a very sick baby.

This is CaRo at WCCR after some extreme tlc. Bright eyed, mischevious, and alert. Sometimes, this job is seriously awesome.

CaRo now lives his life with another WCCR bobcat named Frankie at CuriOdyssey (formerly the Coyote Point Museum http://www.curiodyssey.org/ ). In captivity, bobcats can live upwards of 30 years! That is 30 years of amazing, enriched, and fulfilled living that CaRo would never have exerienced if his little life had been cut short without the help of a network of caring and wonderful people.


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