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WCCR on Cafe Press

I have been wanting to make T-shirts for WCCR available for a while now, and Valeri mentioned Cafe Press to me. Sooo…I started creating designs, and opened a cafe press store front. I think I have around eight designs now…I am still deciding which ones I want to keep, and wether or not I want to make different ones.

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered one of the designs I made…partially because I am curious as to how it is going to look, and partly because I thought it was super cute.

Do you remember the story about little CaRo I posted a few days ago? This is the same picture I used in that post. Cute, huh? You too can own one of these adorable bags! ❤ You choose a design, and the product you want, and they will create it for you, and send it out to you. The very best part about it? WCCR gets part of the proceeds! I think that is completely awesome! Don’t want a tote bag? How about a fitted T-shirt for you ladies out there?

Or a mug, or a bumper sticker, or a wall clock! There are tons of items, and all of them can have any of the WCCR designs on them you want! I am really pleased with the process so far…here’s to hoping I continue being pleased with the purchasing process! Okay, I couldn’t resist! One more picture!

How cute is that? It’s a [bob]cat chasing a butterfly! Now, for some shameless, self promotion! ^.^


Check us out at Cafe Press, get some cool new accessories for your house, or additions to your wardrobe, and help the critters too!


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