A glimps into the world of wildlife rehabilitation…the world through a rehabber's eyes.

Armadillo Nation

This month, the armadillos are in charge. Last week, a juvi named Arthur. He is uninjured, we just want to give him a chance to be too big to make an easy meal for another animal before we release him.

 This week? a large male named Bruiser. He appears to have been hit by a car. He has a crack in his armor, and “trap nose” (trap nose is from animals trying to get out of live traps. They shove their faces through the wire to try to get out, rubbing the skin raw, sometimes all the way to the bone). Still being very new to wildlife rehabilitation, I am taking Bruiser to WCCR tomorrow to get some advice, and to see if he is even fixable. One of the difficult things to learn about wildlife rehabilitation is that we aren’t always able to save them. Sometimes, they are just too badly injured, too sick, or too far gone for us to bring them back.

In my unexpert opinion, Bruiser isn’t too bad. I am waiting until I get to the ranch to do any major cleaning or irrigation of the wound…he is a big boy! I am going to need the extra hands to hold on to him! I am also going to need the extra hands to determine the extent of damage he has sustained.

Donations to help with his treatment would be greatly appreciated too! I think Bruiser is going to need some serious attention :/ poor guy. Would you like to help with Bruiser’s care? Click the donate button on the side of the page —–> 🙂  Bruiser would be grateful!


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