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Update on Nadia :)

I know ya’ll have been dying for updates on Nadia, so here you go! Nadia is doing amazingly well! In five days, she has more than doubled her weight, and her head now looks more porportionate to her body. She is even eatting on her own (yep, thats food on her nose)!

Nadia has proven that she has quite the personality! She is fiery and brave, and full of herself! She still needs the reassurance that all babies need, but we are amazed at her complete transformation!  She is not out of the woods yet, and we hope that she continues this phenominal improvement. She will still need constant monitoring and careful observation, but she is eatting and drinking, and pottying on her own!

Nadia is very lucky. Tragically, we never had any luck locating any of her siblings, and hold out little hope that they survived. This is an unfortunate part of the human affect on the natural world, and part of the affect that as wildlife rehabilitators, we attempt to counter balance. It is our hope that in the coming weeks, we will recieve calls on other bobcat kittens so that Nadia will have others to bond to and play with.

She is still showing signs of the stress from her recent past. For now, we must maintain the delicate balance of supporting her social and psychological needs without crossing the line into imprinting her on people. We must maintain the purity of her wild instincts and allow her to flourish in our care without becoming dependant on us.

A huge thank you to every one of Nadia’s Angels. Your donations make her continued recovery possible. Thank you for becoming a part of something really big, and helping WCCR give wild life a hand. What we do is not possible without you.

If you are interested in becoming one of Nadia’s Guardian Angels, the donate buttons on the right hand side of this page are set up to go directly into Nadia’s Angels fund throughout the duration of her intensive care. Your donations drive Nadia’s daily improvement.


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