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Nadia continues to grow

Our little darling is no longer so darling 🙂 She has become rather wild since the appearance of her new little brother Marley. They aren’t together yet. Marley is still under quarantine, but they are both in large glass enclosures so that they can see each other. From the instant Nadia saw him, she was done settling for human interaction. According to her, she no longer needs us, and has eyes for only Marley. This is great news!

I do still have concerns about Marley though. He does seem to be showing signs of imprinting on people. Hopefully, when his quarantine is up, and he can be placed with Nadia, he too will wild up.

It is wonderful to see Nadia running and playing, and getting into trouble! She has come so far since that sad day that we rushed to the furthest reaches of the metroplex for a dying baby.

The calls from Corpus Christi keep coming in, and there is rumor of a fourth kitten.  Kitten #2 is still with the people who found it, and I am trying to convince them to let the poor thing re-join his siblings with us. #3 has begun biting, and crying due to loneliness, and I fear that #2 is the same. Rumors of #4 are floating around, and we may be coordinating the pick up of not one, but hopefully 3 little ones this weekend. We will see.

I truly hope that everything works out the way I want it to! All of these kittens will be much better off with each other. The social nature of bobcats ingrains in them a need to bond with one another. A single kitten is a lonely kitten at risk of capture myopathy. http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/index.jsp?cfile=htm/bc/91011.htm


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