A glimps into the world of wildlife rehabilitation…the world through a rehabber's eyes.

…and this is mine, and those are mine, and these are definately mine!

Bobcats have a natural instinct to fiercely guard anything they regard as their prey. This natural extreme food aggression is one of the reasons that so few rehabbers deal with them, and people who decided to get these animals on impulse end up calling WCCR and other groups like us to take these “out of control” animals off their hands.

The other day while I was providing room service to our long terms, Gigi got ahold of a set of keys. Gigi is one of our most food aggressive cats, and she saw those keys as HERS! Gigi is an absolute Diva with a capital “D”. She hates the word “no”, and hates not getting her way even more! Gigi is affected by a mystery neurological issue that we are working through, and is currently not releasable. Even though she walks funny, she is hilarious to watch, and a true clown, and one of the happiest bobcats you will ever meet…excluding maybe Quincey from that statement…whatever happy pill he’s on, he’s not telling, and he’s not sharing 😉

Anyway, there was no way I was going to let her just get bored and drop them…bobcat brains just don’t work that way. They are nothing like house cats. They don’t just get bored. This was SERIOUS! I was encroaching on her kill, and she wasn’t having that! She went into full food aggression mode on me!

So, while attempting to convince her that peacock feathers were way more fun than a stuffed raccoon key chain, and laughing so hard I was crying, I took a series of photos. Enjoy.

Kari: “Gigi, give me the keys”

Gigi: “NO! These are MY keys! You dropped them fair and square!”

Kari: “Come on, Gige, I need those back! Here, why don’t you try this peacock feather? You love those.”

Gigi: “I don’t want your stoopid peacock feather!”

Kari: “Wait! Don’t go back down there! Stay here for a second, we can talk about this!”

Gigi: “I already TOLD you. These are MY keys!”

Gigi: “MINE”


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