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bobkitten love

Nadia, Marley, Oliver, and Pixie have taken over the nursery! They are all finally together, and loving every minute of it! All have completed their quarantine, and now have free run of the nursery. They are learning to use the litter boxes, and running, climbing, and playing their way to good muscle development, paw-eye coordination, chasing toys and gaining hunting skills, and boxing each other’s ears and tails.

It is wonderful to see little Nadia (who, by the way, has tripled in size!) showing all her new little siblings the ropes, and teaching them now to be “big cats”. She is absolutely fearless, and a true leader. Nadia and Oliver appear to be around the same age, followed by Marley, and lastly, little Pixie. She seems to be the youngest of the crew, but she is slowly catching up. She hasn’t quite made the leap to solid foods, but she will get there!

She is a big girl too! We figure she is around a week younger than Marley, but she is almost as big as he is!

They are all (so far) feisty, healthy, and happy!

Cute little Oliver has the biggest puppy feet you have ever seen! He is going to have an awful lot of growing to do to catch up to those feet!

He is definitely the least imprinted on people, and more standofish than the others which is good, but he wants so badly to join in the enrichment activities like the others, he just can’t bring himself to get that brave! It is a fine line enriching and teaching them to be wild without over socializing them. With Nadia and Oliver as teachers, Marley and Pixie should have no problem wilding up!


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