A glimps into the world of wildlife rehabilitation…the world through a rehabber's eyes.

No Rest for the Wicked

It seems the local wildlife is impervious to the plight of WCCR. regardless of wether or not we have the funding to carry on, the wild ones still need us. Tonight, while messing around on Facebook (I created an account initially just to see what the heck everyone was so excited about. I quickly lost interest, and stopped logging in. However, I returned to Facebook in an attempt to help WCCR find the monies we need to continue doing what we do.), I saw a status update from the owner of House of Paws, a cool dog grooming shop in Fort Worth, and I believe they have another location in Euless.

Apparently, a red-eared slider wandered up from somewhere, to the back of the shop, and she needed somewhere for it to go. Of course I could not leave the poor thing to get squashed by a car or some other gruesome demise. So, I contacted her, and went to Fort Worth to pick up yet another wild animal in need of a helping hand.

Expecting a full-grown disoriented turtle, I drove up to a little four-inch turtle wedged between the wall and a trash bin. She appears to be female (though at this size it is still hard to tell), and very dehydrated. Not surprising as there were no visible bodies of water in the area.

Other than the obvious dehydration, this turtle seems to be in excellent shape 🙂 of course,  the grace that I am, I stuck myself with the needle square in the pad of my finger while trying to administer sub-q fluids :/ have I mentioned I hate needles?

Anyway, as this turtle’s hydration levels normalizes, she too will probably be relocated at the ranch. Though We may hang on to her and allow her to grow a bit to keep her from becoming a snack for another hungry animal! Turtles like water ❤ for tonight, she at least has that! Wildlife Rocks! 🙂

Pretty, isn’t she?


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