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Late baby season equals full house!

This year, baby season seems to have gotten off to a late start. We started receiving calls on baby bobcats much later than we thought we would, and it hasn’t shown signs of slowing down! We just received one more kitten, and are waiting on it’s two siblings. Three more are on their way, and we still haven’t combined all the litters at the ranch.

Quarantine is a huge issue at the ranch. All babies get quarantined for 14 days to ensure we have as little chance of transferring disease as possible. As their quarantine end date comes near, we cautiously begin preparing their immune systems. probiotic, electrolytes, and plenty of fluids. Then, the introduction. This gives them the opportunity to strengthen their bodies, socialize, and learn the skills that will be so essential for their release days. Right now, we have quarantine tanks all over the house. two on the dining table, one behind the couch, another under the piano, and yet another behind the wing back chair. Not counting the nursery in the back of the house that has been completely taken over by babies, or Theo who is still being cared for by our dedicated intern.

Quarantine normally isn’t a problem….Except when all of your babies show up within days of each other, and all your quarantine tanks walk away…at the beginning of the year, we probably had 20 large tanks to use as quarantine facility for the babies. They have been slowly disappearing, and we are now down to five or so large ones, and a hand full of smaller tanks that really aren’t too useful for the babies as they grow. These tanks are not only expensive, but not too common to come across. As you know, we do not have the means to buy anymore at the moment, and we have kittens coming out our ears!

It is amazing how fast the little fuzz butts grow! I love my job ^.^


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