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Toyota 100 Cars for Good Vote Date

So yesterday was our vote date for the Toyota 100 cars for good promotion. We have all been waiting in anticipation for the results. Unfortunately, The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch did not win the badly needed truck. Here’s hoping that our old truck holds out a while longer! Unfortunately, we just do not have a spare $15,000 to buy another used one.

WCCR was up against larger, better funded organizations, and we were hoping that our small, volunteer run wildlife center would be able to go up against these huge centers, but today just was not our time!

Congratulations to the day 74 winner! Cascades Raptor Center! http://www.eraptors.org/ I hope your new hybrid Toyota Highlander is everything you dreamed!

As for WCCR? Well, we are still looking at a HUGE move! I have found the property, I have submitted an offer, and we are just waiting to hear some good news back! I am anxious to hear news…we really need to start building cages so that we can move the bobcats off of the property (and there are perfect locations for it!). The current ranch cannot go on the market until the animals are removed.

Cages are going to cost us though. Each enclosure at the ranch is thousands of dollars. Most of them are not mobile, and cannot go with us. That means we are going to be doing some major scraping to get enough money and materials (and relying on donations continuing to come in!) together to get this done!

I am sad that one of my favorite enclosures will not be going with us. This is one of our larger enclosures, and so cute!

We use this enclosure for our pre-release bobcats. I have caught and transported many cats out of this enclosure. I am going to miss it. I am also going to miss the beautiful WCCR grounds behind the ranch house. The property we are hoping to move to is much smaller, but it is heavily treed. I just do not think I am going to get photos like these.


Who knows? Maybe there will be equally  beautiful areas of this new property to take photos of…I sure am going to miss the WCCR grounds though. That 11 acre ranch will always be in my memory.

Fingers crossed for smooth sailing and good news soon! It would be nice to catch a break once in a while!


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