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North Texas Bobcat Shot in the Head. Wrong place, Wrong time :(


I learned of sad news today. A bobcat in the North Texas area was shot and killed. That is sad enough news on its own, but this particular bobcat was in a live trap. Terrified, trapped, probably hot and thirsty, this bobcat’s life was coldly ended by a shot to the head.

Why? because he “was acting aggressive”. Of course he was acting aggressive! He is a wild animal stuck in a frigging cage! He reverted to the only thing he knew to do! Defend himself. How on earth is that an excuse not to tranquillize him?! That is a perfect reason to do it if he is being so aggressive you cannot handle an animal IN A CAGE! I know animal control. I have worked it. I don’t know what kind of vehicles that department used, but when we trapped a bobcat, we loaded up the entire trap in the truck (aggressive cat and all), and transported the bobcat back, then released it to a rescue. The saddest part in this is that there is more than one group that would have been happy to help this bobcat.

In Sync Exotics http://www.insyncexotics.com/   (who we love by the way!) is even mentioned in the story as happy to help. Likewise, Crosstimbers Wildlife would also have been happy to help this bobcat.

This exact incident, and others like it, are why we do what we do. There was no reason for this bobcat to die. The sheer ignorance and fear that most people have for this animal is astounding. We just cannot educate and replace wrong information with the right info fast enough to save these cats. The homeowner even asked that the animal be relocated. Had animal control bothered to look, they would have found several groups that would have been happy to help them, even come and pick up the bobcat FOR them, which Crosstimbers has done many times for many animal control divisions.


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  1. Since the home owner did not request that the animal be shot then the only logical thing to do is to get the animal control officer and police officer fired ASAP! People should contact the Mayor and Police Chief and demand that the officer be fired. If he will shoot so quickly at a caged and helpless animal then humans are at risk.

    August 18, 2011 at 7:44 pm

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