A glimps into the world of wildlife rehabilitation…the world through a rehabber's eyes.

volunteering anyone?

It has been an absolutely crazy baby season! There is so much going on at the ranch right now that we don’t even know what to do with ourselves! We have multiple openings for volunteers and interns out at the ranch!

The bobcats need you to help take care of them! We have a great intern and volunteer program, and plenty of spots in both programs to fill. It is hard work, and far more fun to do in groups! Come on out and get good and dirty with the staff at crosstimbers ranch! Diet preparation, enclosure cleaning and maintenance are all part of the job. Interested in working with wildlife and saving the lives of thousands of animals? Drop me a line, and lets set up a meeting!

We need carpenters, cage builders, vet techs, people who are just plain interested in animals and the environment, contractors, the works!  If you are interested in helping animals, the environment, or just enjoy working with your hands, we always have something right up your alley!

Help the community, and protect the environment. Become a Crosstimbers Wildlife volunteer or intern today!



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