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Conclusion of the Murphy Meeting

Tonight, several groups got together at Murphy, Tx City Hall. In-Sync Exotics, the Holifield Science Learning center, and of course, yours truly. The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch/National Bobcat Rescue and Research foundation. The DFW Wildlife Coalition was supposed to be represented, as were a few other groups who were unable to attend.

It was a great meeting. Valeri gave a great informative presentation on bobcats, and the attendees were really interested, and asked some really great questions!

We got some really great information out there tonight! Thank you for all of the wonderful people who attended, and all the really great questions about one of our favorite animals! The more we can change the incorrect perceptions about the North American Bobcat and other similar species, the more positive change we can make in our world!

I feel very positive about this meeting, and I am so glad that the City of Murphy hosted this really wonderful discussion. Thank you, City of Murphy! Keep up the great work! The only way to change how bobcats (and any other wildlife) are handled is to inform people, citizens and law enforcement alike, about the options out there. Not only that, but to arm people with accurate information on this animal’s behavior, habitat, and activities, and the importance of acceptance of not only prey animals, but predators as well to maintain a natural balance, even in our urban environments. Removing wildlife from it’s natural habitat is not the solution.

The only way we are going to be able to do this is to continue to dispel fears associated with predators through discussions like this one. No, a 30lb bobcat is not going to carry away your small child, no, a bobcat does not randomly attack small pets, and no, they are not aggressive animals that attack without reason.

I feel one small step closer to the general public accepting that not only is removing and relocating an animal just because you saw it in your yard a bad idea, but that in fact, it may be beneficial to allow the animal to remain in its home.

To all the wonderful citizens and city officials who attended this meeting, I thank you, and hope that the information presented here was informative and helpful to increase understanding of our urban (and rural) wildlife.


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