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Baby season: The conclusion?

Apparently not! After a long bout of silence, we are again getting calls on baby bobs! Two from Plano, and a confiscation from Houston. His name is Peter, he is 4 months, and severely imprinted. At this age, the chances of reversing the imprint is not very good. Crosstimbers sees lots of bobcats every year. Many of them come in imprinted. This means they are accustom to, and even enjoy human interactions. If you have been following this blog, you know how dangerous that is for a predator which the public perceives as dangerous or aggressive.

It is all about public perceptions, and has precious little to do with the actual animal. Every year, a few imprinted bobcats end up at Crosstimbers. often, they are young; young enough to still have a chance at becoming wild again. Bobcats are wild animals, and they are wired to stay that way.  However, they are also social.  A wild animal hard wired to be a wild animal in a captive environment is not a good combination. The most dangerous animals we work with are the ones raised by people.

That is not to say that Peter is dangerous per se, but he has been played with in a very rough manner. He is accustomed to scratching and biting in play like a house cat…the difference is, Peter is going to be around 20+ pounds. That means we are going to have to do some major work with him. At Crosstimbers, we allow the cat to tell us when it is ready to be wild again. Some day, Peter may surprise us, and show us that he is ready. We shall see 🙂


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