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Theo’s really big day!!!

Today, we made bobcat history! For the first time ever, we did an educational presentation, with a live bobcat! Two to be precise. Including our dear Theo. He did WONDERFUL! We are all so proud of him!

NBRR has put together a fantastic presentation on rural vs. urban bobcats, and we are working on integrating an element that anchors the presentation in reality by having a live education bobcat. The Master Naturalists Group asked us to present.

Theo was very good through the whole presentation, and was a real show stopper afterwards. He really helped bring the North American Bobcat to the forefront of people’s minds. The information that Valeri presented is stuff that has never been studied before. Just like the Murphy, Tx meeting. We had some wonderful questions.

Theo kept the energy flowing through tactile and visual experiences that reinforced the information in the presentation. Our little education hopeful is well on his way to becoming a fantastic presentation animal.

Theo may be on his way to changing how we as a society handles and associated with our native wildlife. What an amazing little guy! We hope that he and our other educational hopefuls will continue to be an ambasador for his species, and help to change people’s perceptions.


One response

  1. happytails

    Wonderful news! Keep up the fantastic work!

    September 23, 2011 at 8:31 am

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