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Beauty as a Reminder

We are slowly clearing out the things we don’t need at the ranch. There is still tons to do, but this time, we got a chance to take a breather, and remember what WCCR means to so many people. Spring is in full force, and the trees are slowly showing the fresh green leaves of the season.

The bobcats were fairly uninterested in us this week. They were far too busy lounging in the patches of sunlight filtering through the tree branches to bother with us. I was completely content with that too. We sat with them for hours, enjoying the gorgeous weather right along side the wild ones that have taught me so much.

In a rare occurence at the ranch, not only were we able to spend quite a long time with our teachers, but also to walk the woods on the back side of the grounds of WCCR. The grounds consist of 11 heavily wooded acres, and if you have time to observe the beauty of the woods, there are some truly gorgeous photo opportunities.


Crosstimbers Grounds

The volunteers at WCCR are hard at work this spring! We are working to re-organize, re-design, and re-fresh! New flower beds have been constructed, bases around the trees in front of the house have been added, giving the grounds a more park like appearance, and a mini-nursery for plants has gone up behind the house.

We are trying to get all of the stuff out that we are not going to need for the bobcats this year, which means we will be giving away a lot of stuff to other re-habbers, and sub-permitees of WCCR. Hopefully, our little band of supporters will be able to find the funding we need to keep our doors open this coming season, and we will continue moving towards our goals.

We have other revenue plans that we would love to implement, but we must find the funding to purchase our property before we can move forward any further. It has been an extremely frustrating battle, but we aren’t giving up!

We are going to keep beautifying, and keep working to keep this place going. I do not know what the future holds, but I would love to think that we can continue operations.