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Our urgent care case: Ulyses

The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch has received a very special guest that urgently needs your help. His name is Ulyses, and he is only ten weeks old. He has been separated from his mother and siblings, and the poor little guy has suffered some serious trauma in his short life.

Ulyses is a bobcat, and he already has a special place in the hearts of all of the staff members here at WCCR. You see, at this tender age, he has had a little altercation with a dog…that resulted in a compound fracture of his leg, and massive infection. This poor little wild one is terrified and alone, and he can’t even yet have a buddy to comfort him. For now, until his condition improves a bit, his stuffed animal is his closest companion.

The thought of this poor little guy terrified and hurting tugs at my heartstrings every time. Especially when all we can do is sit back, and support him on his journey 😦

Little Ulyses upon intake

Here at Crosstimbers, we do 90% of our medical treatment on site.

There are many reasons for this that I may go into in some future blog, but for right now, my main focus is to help this little one return to the wild. But in order to do that, I am going to have to solicit some help! To rehab a single (healthy) bobcat from kitten to release, costs more than $2,000 and over 12 months in feeding and maintenance alone. Any medical treatment or other operational care all comes at additional expense.

For Ulyses, the cost will probably be more than double that figure.

Our bestest heart bandages ❤

His tiny leg will be set in his heart emblazoned cast for at least the next six weeks, and he will need some heavy-duty antibiotics (as well as other medications) to battle the massive infection.

Supportive care will also include a special immune system supporting diet and eventually, physical therapy.

Little Ulyses had to be sedated for this procedure, so once his cast was secured, he was placed in isolation to recover from anaesthesia.

His ongoing care, rehabilitation, and physical therapy are going to be major hurdles for WCCR this year. The economy has put a squeeze on us all, and we are definitely feeling it. We are trying to raise $500 towards his ongoing care, and every cent helps.

If every person who read this blog donated just ten dollars, that total sum would mean a massive step towards going back to the wild for this amazing cat! Every bit helps! If you want to be a wildlife hero, click on that donate button on the right hand column! I know we can do this. Lets get Ulyses back to the wild, together!

Beauty as a Reminder

We are slowly clearing out the things we don’t need at the ranch. There is still tons to do, but this time, we got a chance to take a breather, and remember what WCCR means to so many people. Spring is in full force, and the trees are slowly showing the fresh green leaves of the season.

The bobcats were fairly uninterested in us this week. They were far too busy lounging in the patches of sunlight filtering through the tree branches to bother with us. I was completely content with that too. We sat with them for hours, enjoying the gorgeous weather right along side the wild ones that have taught me so much.

In a rare occurence at the ranch, not only were we able to spend quite a long time with our teachers, but also to walk the woods on the back side of the grounds of WCCR. The grounds consist of 11 heavily wooded acres, and if you have time to observe the beauty of the woods, there are some truly gorgeous photo opportunities.

Spring time at the Ranch

Spring is one of the prettiest times of year at WCCR. All of the bulbs are starting to bloom and the trees are flowering. It is really lovely.

This is one of the pear trees growing in front of the ranch house in full bloom. In the background, Crostimbers Moon, and Captain being nosie 🙂 . It was pretty breezy all day when I was taking these. You can see the falling petals covering the ground by their feet. There are a lot of plants all over the property that are starting to grow. It is beautiful!

The grounds are romantic and pretty, and will only get more beautiful as we get further into spring and summer. More of the hyacinths, daffodils, and crocuses will begin to grow and bloom, and the seeds that were planted this weekend will begin to grow, and as they flower, continue to provide color through the warmer months.

 The pear tree is covered in blooms right now, but soon, they will start falling like rain. The bobcats are enjoying the weather too. They spend their days laying in the sunny patches of light filtering through the tree branches into their enclosures. The weather isn’t overly cold, nor is is blazing hot just yet. We spent the day preparing for the hot weather we know is coming. Lenny and Hoover got a new shade cloth on the top end of their enclosure, we tacked down Quincy’s shade cloth that had come up on one corner, and added shade cloth to the side of one other enclosure to ensure the girls in there would not be baking in the hot Texas sun this summer.